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Explore Prouts Neck By Map

Prouts Neck – Digital Map

We’ve created an interactive map detailing the roads, property lines, and location of buildings based on Scarborough Tax Records.  The color coding denotes the time period each house was built.

<< Click the map! Discover more about your house and those in the community…

SORRY – MAP IS DOWN FOR REPAIRS 🙁 Tips for using the map:

  • Once you are looking at the map, you will see pop-ups as you move your cursor around
  • In some pop-up boxes, you will see an image of the property (we still have LOTS to load!)
  • If you click on the property, you will see an information box with more info.
  • If you also see ‘Click here for more‘, this will run a search on the Media Library for all images, documents, videos, etc related to the property.



Explore Prouts Cottages

Prouts Neck Cottage Folders

We have photos, deeds, plans and more on almost every house in Prouts. Please contact us for more information.

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