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Prouts Neck History Highlights – BOOK TWO (2016)

With almost 400 images and dozens of stories, this new book mines the Prouts Neck History archives to introduce you to a wide variety of old friends, familiar names, special characters and over 1000 people that have been part of the colorful fabric of Prouts Neck from 1604 to the present. Chapters include; Clans & Families, Leaders & Shapers, Folks Who Keep Prouts Running, Entertainers, Romance, Cohorts & Pals, Eras (1890s,1920s,1930s, etc), and more. Fully captioned and indexed so you can find your friends and family and those who made and make Prouts the special place it is. Hardcover, 90 pages.

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Prouts Neck History Highlights – BOOK ONE (2014)

From the rich treasure trove of material gathered by the Prouts Neck Historical Society comes a wonderful selection of over 170 photos, documents and brief stories spanning 400 years. This book (our first of many to come) takes you on a brief journey through the history of Black Point, its development in the 19th century into a summer colony, and the people, places, and activities which shape the community still today. Chapters include Early Settlers, Development of a Summer Colony, the Impact of Transportation, Clubs and Organizations, Activities and more. Hardcover, 90 pages.

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Poster – The Prouts Necker – The First Two Years

This colorful 24″ x 36″ poster contains all 24 covers of our first two years of publication – July 2014…June, 2016. Each cover contains illustrations of characters and places that made Prouts great; each one a reflection of the times and memories of events long gone, but not forgotten.

The poster is printed on heavy-weight archival paper and shipped in a snap-tube. Easy to frame yourself with a standard 24×36 poster frame.

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Poster – Some People of Prouts

This colorful 24″ x 36″ poster contains over 400 images with more than 1000 Prouts people who helped to make Prouts great. This is the cover of our Prouts History Highlights – Book Two – Some People of Prouts . But now you can see all the glorious detail and recognize family, friends, and possibly yourself?!

The poster is printed on heavy-weight archival paper and shipped in a snap-tube. Easy to frame yourself with a standard 24×36 poster frame.

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The country club as seen on the cover of the centennial book.

Prouts Neck Country Club Centennial 1907-2007 (2007)


Order a copy of the Prouts Neck Country Club centennial book, compiled by Carrie Minot Bell for the centennial in 2007. Historical photos of the club, plus photos of every family who is a current member of the PNCC (as of 2007). Also includes dozens of photos from the centennial event held in August 2007. Consists of 200 pages, hardcover, full color photos. $55-68.00.


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Scarborough Historical Society Publications


Grandfather Tales of Scarborough by Augustus Moulton (1925)

This is one of the original sources of Scarborough and Prouts Neck history, published in 1925 by Maine state historian Augustus Moulton.This narrative is filled with richly detailed descriptions of people, places and events presented in a conversational style that is a pleasure to read. Chapters include: My Grandfather, The Fabyans and the Millikens, The Stuart Brook, Ezra Carter Homestead, Roads and Highways, The Movement for Better Highways, Dunstan of the Alger Settlement, The Scarboro Marshes and the Dyke, The Rivers and the Old Seaport, The Shipping and the Shipyard, The King Family and Resident People, Old Dunstan Corner, Old Times in the Vicinity, Taverns and Stage Coaches, etc. $40.00.

History of Scarborough: 1633-1783 by William S. Southgate (1853)

William S. Southgate, one of the early Prouts settlers, wrote this history of the colonial period at Black Point. The Scarborough Historical Society has been reprinting soft-bound versions of it since 1998. $35.00.

Images of America: Scarborough by Rodney Laughton (1996)

Rodney Laughton, one of the historians PNHS has partnered with, owns The Breakers at Higgins Beach. He has collected thousands of postcards from the Hotel Era at Prouts Neck, and this book is a collection of some of his photos. $17.00.

Scarborough at 350, Linking the Past to the Present (2007)

Published in 2007 by The Friends of Scarborough, this is and excellent, heavily illustrated compilation of the history of Scarborough. 400 pages, hardcover, with full color pages. $40.00.

Gems of Prouts Neck History (1998)

This is a compilation of three books: The Story of Prouts Neck by Rupert Holland (1924), Beacon Lights in the History of Prouts Neck by Moses Weld Ware (circa 1912) and The Naming of the Roads by Jame M. Farr and George H. Huntington (1945) Reprinted by the Scarborough Historical Society. $40.00.

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Maine Historical Society Publications


Owascoag, the Place of Much Grass: The Settlement of Black Poynt, Mayne, In the Settler’s Own Words(2008)

The story of Owascoag, or Scarborough, Maine, is not unlike that of many New England towns settled between the 1600s and 1700s. Through diaries, depositions, and other correspondence, the colonists tell their stories. From Champlain’s visit in 1605 to the conclusion of the Indian Wars in 1749, the inhabitants of Scarborough share their lives, fears, and determination to settle this land. 2006 paperback, 200 pages.
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