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Below is the 1971 ‘Prouts Then and Now’. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Below is the 1891 MayDen book, a magnificent photo and poetry filled tome dedicated to a few summer week’s at MayDen (#4 Jocelyn Road) in the summer of 1891.

Below is the Bohemia Guest Book 1896-1907. Guests of PW Sprague at his lovely cottage at Prouts were expected to leave pithy thoughts and poems, and a few sketches. Some fun material. We hope to transcribe this at some stage in future. (Added May 2, 2018 by Phil von Stade)

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Below is the bibliography published in Prouts Neck History Highlights – Book Two – Some People of Prouts. We hope to add many of these to our digital library in future. Let us know if you have any favorites!

Portland City Plan through 2030, Published 2016

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