Prout’s Neck, in Scarborough, a lone promontory, jutting far into the ocean, is much resorted to in summer, form all the region round. At the westerly extremity of the Neck, is situated The Atlantic House: This is a favorite hotel, ten miles from Portland, specially eligible for the enjoyment of sea air and bathing—and as to picturesque attractions, may rank with the Ocean House and Cape Cottage.

There is no hotel on the promontory proper, but the excellent family who own and occupy it provide house room for pic-nic parties, take care of their horses, furnish lines and bait to catch the cunners abounding about the shores, for the fry, which is considered an indispensable feature in the dinners here, and furnish tableware, and cheerfully do everything in their power to render a visit agreeable. Not unfrequently, as many as eighty or a hundred vehicles, embracing all descriptions in use, may be seen at this place at once ; and the cliffs, the fields, and far-sweeping, white sand beaches, scattered over with groups of gay loiterers, present a most enlivening appearance

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