And a wonderful cast including…
Peter Burke Cooper Gooch Ginger Gooch Molly Gooch Olivia Le Blanc
Emilie Pratt Sophie Shepherd Lucas Wintersteen Oliver Zilkha
Anna Alford Cecilia Brady Ella Brady Phoebe Burke Barbara Caspersen Lindsey Gould Audrey Gould Charlotte Halpin
Daphne Karlen Sarah Karlen Ava Moseley Marlena Tucker-Gritt Eliza von Stade Caroline White Katherine White
Direction: Phoebe Gould
Piano: Christine DaCosta
Assistant Production:: Sarah and Susie Goodell
Founded in 2001, Sea Stars is a two-week musical theatre workshop held annually at Prouts Neck for kids ages 7 and up. Since 2009, the program has been not-for-profit, with all proceeds going to the Tanzanian Children’s Fund. The performance is free of charge, but there is a donation jar and information about the TCF by the door!

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