Prouts Neck History Highlights – Book Two – SOME PEOPLE OF PROUTS


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Over two years of digging into the growing archives of the Prouts Neck Historical Society brings a delightful selection of almost 400 photos, charts and brief stories covering hundreds of Prouts Neck personalities who have graced and shaped our community. Chapters include; Clans & Families, Leaders & Shapers, Cohorts & Pals, Artists, Entertainers, Folks Who Keep Prouts Running, Eras (1920s, 1930s, etc) and more. Fully captioned and indexed so you can find your friends and family and those who made and make Prouts the special place it is.

Hardcover, 90 Pages, 2016

Many topics, people, places and events are not covered in this book.  They will be covered on the website and in future publications.

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