Spring is Here?

Yesterday a light snow fell over Prouts Neck in the morning.

2015-03-21 14.13.28

The ‘spring’ tide made the marsh a riot of ice flows and sleeping winter grass… As it has been for hundreds of years…

Which house is the oldest?

There are over 50 homes at Prouts that are around 100 years old! Trying to figure the year built is actually very difficult as early records only show property and rarely talk about buildings. If you have any information on older homes, please drop us a line.

2015-03-21 14.22.32

Quietly tucked away behind trees (and snow banks, still!) in the Fieldways circle, built in the 1890s by James Pennell, one of the earliest land developers and a founder of the PNA in 1888. Like many homes in Prouts it was picked up and moved, from it’s original location between Nat Zilkha’s and Caroline Moore’s homes.

I’m delighted to report that several very old cottages are being lovingly restored and reborn this year, including the Nat Zilkha cottage; The Briars, for so many years in the Coues family, now owned by the Hopes; the Ewer Cottage, now owned by the Caspersons; Gillespie’s Brightwater and the Zook-Robinson cottage (formerly Reinhard). To all these thoughtful owners we offer our deepest thanks!


Happy Birthday Roger Snelling – 95!

1918ca Post Office+VT Shaw+pump1 -Laughton--pvsRoger was born in 1920, about the time this photo was taken.

1989 Post Office - Roger Snelling-PvS-2

For over 20 years Roger was the smiling face in the Post Office window who handed out candy to kids and bills and cocktail invites to adults. His love of Prouts, its people and its history helped fuel this project.

2015-03-21 13.19.25

Today, Roger is the oldest resident in his ward at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough. He’s not his loquacious self, but always the gentleman, “How’s the family?” And his eyes light up and lips struggle to shape the names of old Prouts friends whose photos we share each time we visit.

So it’s Spring – a time of rebirth and beginnings. These are built on our past. If you have a moment, stop by and spend an hour with an old friend or loved one. Bring some pics and relive some history. You’ll both be richer for it.


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