These videos were originally shot on 8mm films, converted to DVD some time ago. We have digitized those DVD files. The original films would be much better….. Perhaps we can get some and have those digitized…

Thanks you, Ellie Buyers Viehman for providing the DVDs and taking the time to name people in scenes!

You can ‘scrub’ through the video to those sections that interest you.
IDK = I don’t know….:)

Below are seconds+minutes. May be off by 5 seconds or so…
09 Gaga (Elsie 1) (Elsie Palmer Parkhurst)
16 Elsie 2 (Elsie Parkhurst Buyers)
20 Jebbie (Jessie Conyngham Anzalone Griffith)
25 Corky (Cornelia 1) (Cornelia Parkhurst Conyngham) with Jebbie and Will
27 Bill Conyngham with Parky (Frank EP Conyngham)and family
47 John Parkhurst with daughter Sally
56 Betsy Parkhurst (John’s first wife)
1:02 Elsie and John Buyers, newlyweds (my parents)
1:07 Beach Scenes
1:22 Parky in stroller
1:26 Jebbie
1:27 Gaga
1:28 Elsie 2
1:29 Betsy
1:30 Corky
1:31 Sally
1:33 Jebbie and Will
1;39 Johnny Parkhurst (left) and Johnny Buyers
1:42 Bill Conyngham
1:52 IDK
1:57 Penny in hat, IDK other girl
2:02 Franky (Frank 4) + Penny
2:16 Mary, Franky, Penny and Frank 3 (Charles’ father)
2:25 IDK blond boy with Franky
2:48 IDK and Gaga (on right)
2:54 IDK blond boy and parents?
2:58 IDK orange shirt
3:00 Grandpa (Frank 2) and Gaga with Penny
3:19 IDK guests (check out guest book at Towers?)
3:33 Grandpa (Frank Ellsworth Parkhurst 3, called “Ell”)
3:40 Dr. Leonard Parkhurst (Grandpa’s brother) with Frank 3 family

3:45 March 1954 Ellie Buyers is born!! (Elsie 3) (good place to stop)

To be continued!!!!!

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