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Kyle Needs to:
– Content: Merge Caption (100s!)+Description(about 100)

– Filters: Move to top of page
– Show total number of results (don’t need 1-26 of…)
– Show currently selected filters/values
– Paging: Should be doing infinite scroll (not page of…)
– Tiles: Larger, less border
– Categories (cool), Comments, Hearts

– # of tiles changes ok, but goes from 3 to 1, no 2? (maybe due filter column?)

– Menu title larger/bold
– Home Page sidebar like we have in Live?
– Footer – Copyright, Mission, Login/Out, Follow Us..

– Admin Cols for Posts

– Text for Pluto Pages
– Reduce size of HomePage Images (

Major Tasks
– Kyle migrate to Post, get Pluto working
Gallery View: A simpler gallery, where title is also hidden and appears with hover? All other metadata would only be visible if they click on photo. Not sure how this would be handled in mobile?
– Search/Filters working
– Image/Attachement view + previous/next + info, Print, comments, etc…
There are four image sizes for most users: Gallery (multiple per screen), Lightbox (one, filling most of page, possibly with some info), Attachment (one filling most of page, with options to download, print, share, etc.. This could possibly be combined with Lightbox view using hover or other methods)), Zoom (possibly multiple levels depending on number of clicks?)
– Fine-tune UI (see below)
– Responsive – Mobile….
– Cleanup Backend
– Security, DropBox Access?
– Slow response – 10sec+ vs 3sec on Live
– Fix masonry tiles to be larger, have small border, minimal clutter

– Move Filters to top of page (Maybe…..)
– Infinite Scroll (so no 1-100 of 242 at top)
– Selected Filters – More obvious (xTime Periods:1920s)
– Reset, Help Button (no more help text)
– Random images (which change each time they hit reset)… << If this is not too difficult - Soft gray background (like ‘Dolly'/Pluto theme) - Fix Image-buttons to have soft-gray background (same as Pluto) - Fonts cleaner (always relatively strong contrast) - No side borders (like the blue now) - Header - should stay bluish - Footer - should stay gray-brownish (Add Donate Button?) - Logo should take you HOME - page-view counter show only for admin? ** PEOPLE DON’T READ! - Use pictures, buttons... HOME - Two column - Left- Homer slide show, right announcements MAP - Fix, Add data, at least for von Stade and a few... Prouts Necker - see URL preview when user hovers? Search - entire website? - PROUTS NECKER: This is a new page with images of all covers. Links to MailChimp Archives! Slick... - EXHIBITS - Large Button-Image+Text >Exhibit page
– Exhibits/Founding families – likes the slider
– better hyper links, photos+titles
– click on a graphic you get an enlarged version – be consistent – always allow
Homer Studio
Spacing in the text needs to be fixed to create more paragraphs. The text in the rest of the site is so nicely spaced that this page stands out in its density.

6.15.16 call with Kyle
– Best is to move all images/media to POSTS (should take him about 12 hours/3 days)
Posts are superior to Media Library
– We should be able to get rid of plugins for Genessis, etc. MLA etc may also not be needed?
– Needs to confirm how video, sound, etc handled by plugins recommended by this theme
– We will have to upload, then ADD Post and ADD featured image…

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